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A song from SFW

A new song by SFW. When I first heard the demo it sailed straight and true into my heart. I just had to cover it. Thanks SFW for the gentle words and music.

[Cover art copyright Eva Vecino 2015]

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Darkness on the Edge

With my ‘Darkness On The Edge of Town’ 1978 Tour t-shirt on, we set off through the darkness on the edge of town.

It was 04:30 and mum and dad were driving me from Hyams Beach to Bomaderry to catch the 05:13 train service to the Domestic Airport. I was on my way to see The Boss! And indeed all good journeys start somewhere. In the darkness. On the edge.

Later today at the base of the famous Hanging Rock in the ancient Mount Macedon Ranges, my mate B and I will be joining the faithful for the open-air ‘Wrecking Ball’ concert by Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band. It’s sure to be a special one at this hallowed ground – historically already the place of picnics and swooning ladies.

Temperatures have dropped they tell me and a maximum of 15 degrees Celsius is expected. Lets hope we warm things up down there!

The last time I saw Bruce Springsteen was early 1985 at the newly-built Sydney Entertainment Centre. It was his first tour Down Under. It was my first ever live music experience! I was 17 years old. He was 35. And boy we’ve both done some ‘Growin’ Up’ since then!

The new album and tour is called ‘Wrecking Ball’. And ironically my mate B’s construction company is the one currently responsible for the massive Darling Harbour redevelopment. This will involve the complete destruction -amongst other things – of the Sydney Enterntainment Centre.

So bring on the Wrecking Ball! Bring on the power of words and music. And bring on the memories that no wrecking ball can ever destroy!

On board a South Line train
Southern NSW
Easter Sunday
31 March 2013

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The Waterboys, Perth Concert Hall, Saturday, 2nd February 2013

In symphonic mayhem befitting a North Atlantic Irish cove, “Don’t Bang The Drum” kicked off proceedings at the Waterboys’ Perth Concert Hall tour finale last night. After a first set of well spread back catalogue pieces, we were greeted after interval by Mike Scott’s homage to Ireland’s poet hero, Mr WB Yeats (whose poetry of which is the subject of the Waterboys’ latest album). After some play-time and mask-wearing mystery, along with some ‘Room to Roam’ (album) jigs courtesy of Steve Wickham, we were back into ol’ familiar ground. And before the end of the evening the audience were jumping on their feet. “A Man Is In Love” with Mike and Steve twirling it wildly like forest nymphs was a highlight. But then came “Whole of the Moon” and the roof lifted off da house! And we kept jumping right through “Fishermen’s Blues”. At this point an inspired Mr Scott had the whole Concert Hall doing twirls on the spot to his enthusiastic counts. And then a third encore, which came when the five men were standing in line at the front of the stage smilingly soaking in the roaring adulation and Mike suddenly glanced sideways at Steve and they both nodded in agreement. The crowd roared when they realised a further final offering was on its way. And a fitting departure it was: Prince’s “Purple Rain”. And my, don’t The Waterboys own that one now! They rendered it true to the full emotion soaked, purple-blood-wrenched version. And after thirty years of waiting the Waterboys had finished their NZ/Australian tour. Yes Boys, Bang Your Drum. And come again!

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