Penzance surrounds

Penzance surrounds
Penzance, United Kingdom

Penzance, United Kingdom

Awoke at cousin Howard’s farm house An Gernwyk (the corner). Walked the fields, hedge rows and darkened forests. Saw a pheasant. And the ubiquitous slugs made mournful merriment in these verdant fields. The North Atlantic air wafted in from the bay of pirates just over hill and dale to the south. Visited the town and burial sites of my great great grandparents (Towednack Church Parish cemetery) and the birthplace of my great grandfather who immigrated to Australia in Nancledra. Had lunch just outside of Nancledra at the Engine Inn, Cripple’s Ease – once owned by my my great-grandfather Stephen Curnow in the mid-1800s. So many stories and yet a tiny sliver of land this Cornwall. Shopped at Morrison’s on the way home and cooked salmon for dinner with Howard and Dad.

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