St Ives to Zennor

St Ives to Zennor
Zennor, United Kingdom

Zennor, United Kingdom

Wonderful coastal walking having the North Atlantic in our ears all day and the easterly wind in our backs. Grey seals sleeping mid waters and granite rocks suddenly providing a minefield to clamber through. In Zennor we upon’d ye old Tinner’s Arms and quenched our thirst immediately on a few pints. Jubilee bank holiday and it was very busy in this one horse stone-walled village. Suddenly we were told they’d shut the kitchen as they were running out of food with bookings still to come in later in the evening. With no other options and things looking a bit bleak on the food side I asked a fourth time and the manager overheard me and ordered his staff to slip us in. We got a packed lunch for the morning as well. Amply supped and quenched we picked up our weary bones and walked up the hill to look for the B&B. As we approached very loud drums rolled though the thick stone walled cottage. “Oh no what was this?!”, we thought. It stopped when we knocked on the door at the back and lo and behold it was Sue the owner who played the drums. A very cosy upstairs room with a lot of character. I got talking to Sue and her friend John who played guitar and soon I was invited to join them for a jam. A great night with new friends. And when I snuck into our room upstairs Dad woke and said he hadn’t heard a thing! Incredible as the sound must have penetrated through the ceiling from the room below!

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