Moscow Metro Muzak

Moscow Metro Muzak
Moscow, Russian Federation

Moscow, Russian Federation

Arrived on the time 0530 into an already bustling Moscow. Leningradsky Station was big and soviet. Having rehearsed the Cyrillic names of all the stations and changes I entered the underground metro system. First hurdle: buy ticket. I was anxious that trains would already be running super packed as the multiple queues just for tickets from cashiers were horrendous! But in reality it took 5 minutes to buy the ticket and my pronunciation of Russian numbers was starting to flow. With my 10-ride contactless (i.e. electronic swipe) metro card I entered the gates. Checking the map once more to remember line termination names so as to pick the right direction I headed down the enormously long downward escalator. As I entered the pedestrian tunnels below I noticed an incongruous ‘muzak’ began over the piped PA. It was a corny instrumental version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”! As I walked and listened I felt a mild euphoria of contentment – I suppose this was the intention. I walked smiling innately at my fellow Metro goers – all serious and off to work we go. I must say I’m quite proud of myself having navigated to Hotel Bulgarov in Arbat – a bohemian area of historic writers and painters. Check-in is at 1300 but I asked nicely and got a shower with a clean towel. Feeling good for a first day of exploration in Moscow. Drinking a tea at reception and listening to techno rave music that the night clerk at front desk has going quietly, while I wait for Andrei (17 y.o.) to come here to meet me. He’s Katya’s (WWF) step-son. Sunny and warm. Looking toward to blini (pancakes) for breakfast!

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