Midnight Taiga Moonlight Miff

Midnight Taiga Moonlight Miff
Ust-Udinsky District, Russia

Ust-Udinsky District, Russia

The lights are down on the dormitory. And I’m mesmerised by the full moon that rose an hour or more ago and is still low in the sky. The train is turning much more often – an indication of newly changing relief. The taiga-filled valleys are full of draining mist. And through all this it would appear that the daughter of the couple in my partition are having a family feud in relative silence. She, in her early twenties I imagine, has gone and sat on my side of the aisle (the woman who had spent the day lying down in this space had gone when I got back from the restaurant) to ‘get away’ from her parents, all of one and half metres away mind you! And while their familial bonds wane, the moon waxes, ever so slightly.

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