Ten Thousands Kilometres To Her Door

Ten Thousands Kilometres To Her Door
Vladivostok, Russia

Vladivostok, Russia

After I’d farewell my train friends, Natalia, Evgeny and Vadim in front of the Vladivostok Station, I wandered back down onto the platform to look for the 9288 kilometres from Moscow obelisk. I sat down at its marbled-lined base and pulled the mini guitar out from its tattered plastic bags. I felt the joy of an objective realised and the sadness of a space and time ending, of friends met and farewelled. So I pulled out the guitar and started singing To Her Door.

Maybe it was to soothe myself. I was playing only for me. There was noone else around, expect for some people on the overhead walkways staring strangly in my direction. Maybe, it was a way for me to re-connect with a sense of place and a sense of home. Paul Kelly does that for me.

And so there I was. Alone. Sitting at the base of the Trans-Siberian end-of-the-line monument. And singing my heart out. And feeling good.

As Japanese tourists approached to take their photo of the monument, I concluded my song, stowed the guitar in its plastic bags and quietly slipped away up the platform in search of a Kamachatka airline ticket office and domicile for the night – in that order.

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