Singapore Ballast Balls

Singapore Ballast Balls
Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

I’m in Singapore today after an incredibly eventful afternoon and evening in Beijing! See a less than complete version of events in previous blog – the effects of whch I’m still reeling from.

Too much to write about (though the previous entry is an attempt) and I’m in fact still trying to process it all. In short I met a nice young provincial teacher and the afternoon and evening proceeded to get more lively from there with him as the jolly companion!

My Singapore-Perth JetStar budget flight departs in soon. I went into downtown Singapore today to look around. Hot and sweaty. Had fried oyster hokkein noodles and barley soya drink. This was the first time I’ve ever been into Singapore after years of transiting through it. Watched the Chinatown market guys take live frogs from their pens, chop their heads off and then peel their skins off in one fell swoop. Watched another fishmonger chopping the huge Song Fish heads in half laterally and removing the shiny gelatinous ballast balls that reside in there and allow the fish to rise and fall in the water column at will.

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