Drink me

Drink me
Wembley, Australia

Wembley, Australia

Drink me Third day back. Bowling alley. North Perth. A mate’s birthday. I’m there late so I sit out the first game. Order beer. That’s when things start to go wrong. The world has shrunk and I’m staring, Alice-In-Wonderland-like at the thimble-sized Little Creatures beer bottle in my hand. “Hey Alex”, I yell over the roll and grind of the bowls and the clashing of the ten pins exploding, “Are these fair dinkum? Have they shrunk the size of beers here or what!?” Seems that my time in Russia, regularly holding 500mL bottles or 1000mL cans has had a serious affect on me. These Aussie beers look hilariously tiny in comparison. Things continue in this wayward trajectory. The price is inversely proportional to the size. I pay through the nose for beers while I shoehorn my feet into the disco bowling shoes. In Russia I’d regularly pay AUD$2.50 for 500mL. Anyway I’ll stop my rant. The bowls master and bar attendant has just come over and handed me back AUD$10 – I’d overpaid. Nice one! And now, back to bowling lessons from Princess Leah!

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