Riot For Your Russian Cat Women

Riot For Your Russian Cat Women
Rottnest Island, Australia

Rottnest Island, Australia

Free Pussy Riot now! 012/jul/30/pussy-riot-trial-moscow-cour t-video?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3486

After my sojourn in the Russian Federation I see that the Russians I met are either angry or just fed up and are simply getting on with their lives in the face of political injustices that maintain a hold over such vast lands, much still wild and free. The band ‘Pussy Riot’, while brusque in their approach to dissent, may well deserve to be charged with hooliganism, but let such a charge receive the degree of attention it deserves: a public apology for standing on a Russian Orthodox symbol – an apology they’ve already given in spades – and not a gaol sentence. Please. May the so called ‘victims’ accept their apology and be done with it! For everything else they’ve done I applaud. Loudly! Go Cat Women Go!

Watch members of Pussy Riot perform the punk prayer wherein they ask the Virgin Mary to save Russia from their country’s controversial president. It was performed in Christ The Savior Cathedral – a prominent Moscow icon actually not owned by the Russian Orthodox Church. 4TY

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