The Falklands in Numbers / Las Malvinas en Numeros

Falkland Islands / Las Malvinas
December 2013
490 thousand sheep
20 thousand land mines
3 thousand islanders (of whom 99.8% voted in March 2013 to remain British)
5 thousand Land Rovers (and at least as many wrecks)
One Petrol Station
490,000 ovejas
20,000 minas terrestres
3000 isleños (de los cuales el 99,8% votó en marzo de 2013 seguir siendo británicos)
5000 vehiculos de doble traccion marca Land Rover (y por lo menos tantos naufragios)
Una sola gasolinera
Sin Cajero Automático
Mount William above Stanley, Falkland Islands

Atop Mount William with Stanley (capital of Falkland Islands where most of the population live) in background on the shores of Port Stanley (c) Chris Curnow 2013

Land mines below Mt William, near Stanley, Falkland Islands

Restricted land mine zones, below Mt William, near Port Stanley, Falkland Islands. (c) Chris Curnow 2013

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