Lizard, Spingo and a Leviathan Song

Lizard, Spingo and a Leviathan Song
The Lizard, United Kingdom

The Lizard, United Kingdom

In the morning we visited Howard’s sister Florence and her husband Terry at their place just of St Ives, In Hayle. At 1300 we headd of toward Bodmin Moor, but changed our plan en route and made a southerly diversion through back roads toward The Lizard – Great Britain’s most southerly point. Passed through a small coast town looking for the seal rehab clinic but didn’t go in. Had lunch at the beach near where Marconi made his first wireless transmissions. After the sun and crimson flowered pig-faced cliffs of The Lizard we headed back to Helston and to the oldest brewery and pub in these parts – The Blue Anchor,s serving a delicious and delectable assortment of Spingo Ales. Howard came on the bus from Marazion to meet us here before his choir practice.

Spingo Ales:
Ben Stout – 4.8%
Flora – 4.0%
Easter – 7.4%
Bragget 6.0%
Middle – ?%

Had dinner at Howard’s favourite fish n chips establishment Nettles and eating them on the run half cut from the swill session at The Blue Anchor, we set off with Dad as designated driver to a disused old church in the back blocks of Helston. Howard had forgotten his choir books back the Nettle’s and so I left a dozing Dad to retrieve them, foregoing some of the beautiful male choir voices. I returned to hear some beautiful songs. Just five or six of them. And the acoustics in this old church were exquisite. I requested they sing the Leviathan Song again and made a short film on my camera. I kept nudging dad in the plastic chair beside me to wake up. We drove home through the back lanes and approaching Howard’s place in the laneway, a badger crossed our path.

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