Biospheres and foggy moors

Biospheres and foggy moors
Bodmin, United Kingdom

Bodmin, United Kingdom

Today was the Eden Project day. Despite the hype and the expectation it was an awe-inspiring endeavour to behold – giant bubble wrapped geodesic domes, taught, tight and transparent plastic. After an hour in the rainforest dome – perspiring and humid – the Mediterranean dome was a pleasant change. Saw the giant Fibonacci egg/seed hewn from a solid piece of granite. Onwards to course steep narrow hedge-rowed lane ways en route to the Bodmin Moors. Came across a high lake/reservoir. Walked into the mist with wandering horses. And then found a small back road pub at Alternun, called The Rising Sun. A beacon in the mid-summer sunlit eve. Rifles on the wall. Gentry and commoners alike. Drove back to Howard’s rest along the misty A30. And helped Howard make props for the public celebration of the 200 anniversary of the Marazion town hall clock, that he’d organised almost single-handedly for the following day (I made a cardboard weather vane).

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