Cornishman do it Dreckly

Cornishman do it Dreckly
Marazion, United Kingdom

Marazion, United Kingdom

Dad and I have been enjoying Kernow (Cornwall) and I’m learning a lot about my dad’s side of the family. Our host, distant cousin Howard Curnow (two of our distant ancestors c.1750, were brothers: Andrew (Howard’s line) and Stephen Curnow (our line)), is a gold mine (or should I say tin mine) of information about our complex family tree in a land where the name Curnow is common. Have learnt a little Kernwyk (the Cornish language) and we’ve enjoyed the micro-brewed local ales. And especially the Cornish hospitality, which comes alive when surrounded my wonderful singing voices in packed pubs (we’ve attended the Cornish men’s choir practices a few times as Howard is an avid singer). I found this sticker ‘Cornishmen do it dreckly’. I can remember my grandfather used to say ‘Dreckly’. “We’ll get onto that dreckly”, he used to say when I asked him for something or other. It comes from ‘directly’, and means in a moment, not now but soon. But I always equated it with ‘never’ when my grandfather used to say it (but I was an impatient little boy in those days!).

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